Glamping Business Conference Delivers
Expert Strategies and Best Practices

Three days of compelling glamping business instruction—a two-day conference series plus a day of pre-show workshops—await you at Glamping Show Americas.

Whether you are brand new to the outdoor hospitality industry or you had a glampsite before glamping became a thing, you will come away with success-driven action items.  Learn how to leverage AI, overcome legal hurdles, secure funding, seamlessly integrate glamping into your campground, enhance your bottom line with the right amenities and so much more.

The Glamping Show Conference


Glamping Pre-Show Workshops

The Glamping Show Americas and The American Glamping Association will present two half-day programs covering some of the most sought-after information for new and established glamping operators. You'll hear from industry experts about how to turn your glamping aspirations into a viable business, and how to secure the start-up or expansion funding you need.

Monday, October 2, 2023

8:30 am – 12:00 pm

Funding Your Glamping Business

Capitalizing Your Next Dream: Exploring Funding Options for Your Next Project.

A panel of industry experts get down to “brass tacks” on securing capital for your glamping project. In this engaging session, the panel discusses the many ways available for glamping businesses to access capital for their projects, including traditional debt sources, equity, seed funding, equipment financing, and more.

From understanding the pros and cons of each option to identifying the best fit for your specific project, the panel provides practical tips and invaluable insights to help you navigate the complex world of glamping financing. Take this opportunity to learn from some of the top experts in the industry and take your glamping project to the next level with a smart and strategic approach to financing.

Moderator: Ruben Martinez, President, American Glamping Association.

Panelists: Rebeka Self, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Timberline Glamping Company, Paul Bosley, Founder, Business Finance Depot, and more.

Business Plan Basics

Don’t miss JamieRose Briones, the Chief Development Officer with Outside Capital, insightful presentation on Business Plan Basics in the glamping industry. In this informative session, JamieRose shares her expertise in creating a successful business plan and pitch deck, highlighting best practices and proven strategies that help you acquire capital from banks and investors for your glamping venture.

From identifying your target market and revenue streams to crafting a compelling pitch, JamieRose provides tips and insights for creating a winning business plan and pitch deck that stands out from the crowd.

Speaker: JamieRose Briones, Chief Development Officer, Outside Capital

Building a Team Destined for Investment

Join us for a presentation on "Building a Winning Team for Investment." From identifying key roles and skill sets to recruiting and training the right team members, you will receive practical tips and invaluable insights to help you build a winning team that can take your glamping project to the next level. This is a chance to learn from one of the top experts in the industry and create a winning team that is destined for investment success.

Speaker: (To be announced)

Exploring Business Exit Strategies for Glamping Operators

In this session, the panel explored the various options that glamping operators have for exiting their businesses, including selling, mergers, strategic partnerships and succession planning. The panelists discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each option, as well as the key factors to consider when deciding which exit strategy is right for your business.

Whether you are just starting out or are looking to sell your glamping business, this session is important for anyone who wants to maximize their return on investment and achieve long-term success in the industry.

Moderator: Ruben Martinez, President, American Glamping Association.

Panelists: Blake Nielsen, Managing Director, Black Iron Advisers, David Smith, Founder and Managing Principal, Outside Capital, and more

Funding Your Glamping Business

1:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Glamping Business Basics

Whether you are a startup, or looking to amp up your business, there are myriad details you must master for your glamping operation to be a success. Some you may not have even thought of.

This session covers elements that are key to getting your business up and running, stay running and grow. Hear from experts in their fields and those who have labored—and succeeded—with start-ups of their own. Learn from their experience. Be inspired by their journeys.

This workshop, organized by The American Glamping Association, is important if you are new to the business or would like to “tune-up” your business practices.

Topics covered include:

Risk Mitigation

Dyana Kelley, President/CEO of California Outdoor Hospitality Association, leads you through an in-depth look of what you need to know regarding risk mitigation in the glamping industry. In this engaging session, Dyana delves into essential topics such as permitting basics, disaster planning, insurance, and ADA compliance to help you protect your glamping business from potential risks and liabilities. With years of experience in the industry, Dyana has a wealth of knowledge to share and provides valuable insights and practical tips to help you navigate the complex world of risk management in the glamping sector. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business and safeguard your glamping venture for years to come.

Speaker: Dyana Kelley, CEO/President, California Outdoor Hospitality Association

Glamping Development Project Management

Blake Smith, the founder of Walden Retreats, shares his firsthand knowledge and experience in developing a successful glamping property, including the do's and don'ts and the lessons he learned along the way. From selecting the perfect site to working through proper project management strategies, Blake provides practical tips and proven strategies to help you navigate the complexities of glamping development and ensure the success of your project. With a focus on effective communication, collaboration, and a results-driven approach, Blake's presentation is invaluable for anyone looking to start and develop their first glamping property.

Speaker: Blake Smith, Founder & CEO, Walden Retreats

Founders Story

Join Bygnal Dutson, the visionary founder of Open Sky Zion, for an inspiring conversation on the creation of his successful glamping operation. In this captivating session, Bygnal shares his journey of starting and operating a glamping business, including the challenges he faced, the lessons he learned, and the secrets of his success. As an experienced entrepreneur in the glamping industry, Bygnal has a wealth of advice to offer to those who are just starting out or looking to take their glamping venture to the next level. You will gain valuable insights to help you realize your own glamping dreams.

Speaker: Bygnal Dutson, Founder, Open Sky Zion

Importance of Forward-Thinking Design in the Glamping Industry

Zach Stoltenberg, the Glamping Design Leader at Clockwork, an architecture and design firm, gives an insightful presentation on the importance of forward-thinking design in the glamping industry. In this engaging session, Zach shares his expertise and experience in designing and developing successful glamping projects, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive plan and a forward-thinking approach.

With a focus on sustainability, functionality, and guest experience, Zach provides tips and strategies that make your site out from the competition and meet the needs of your guests. Learn how a smart and strategic approach to design and development can take your project to the next level.

Speaker: Zach Stoltenberg, Design Leader, Clockwork

Glamping Business Basics

Glamping Show Americas Conference Program

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

9:00 am –10:00 am

Glamping Americas 2023 State of the Industry Report

The Glamping Show Americas debuts its first annual Glamping Americas State of the Industry Report—a first of its kind research report for the glamping industry.

The report, conducted by Cairn Consulting Group, covers the topics and areas of interest that help the glamping sector of outdoor hospitality move forward with business, marketing, financial planning and securing funding.

Included in the report is a review of the past year in terms of development, changes from the previous year(s), and trends. It also looks forward based on how those involved in the industry view the changing landscape including barriers to growth, resources needed, guest expectations, innovations, key growth sectors, expansion, and type of growth.

Overall, this initial effort benchmarks essential growth metrics and offers detailed and nuanced insights into this important growth sector of the hospitality industry.

Presented by: Scott Bahr, President, Cairn Consulting Group

Glamping Americas 2023 State of the Industry Report

11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Worldwide Travel Trends in Glamping Hospitality

After 20 years in the experiential hospitality industry, Sarah Riley will share her worldwide view of unique structures that attract viral social media attention, new AI tools that help owners achieve more in less time, and value-driven services being prioritized by guests. Getting in the know early means you can be one of the early adopters of new trends being used to stand out from the crowd and attract the type of occupancy levels others will be jealous of in this new era of dynamic travel. This inspirational session will fill you with new ideas from real-world examples of what’s working now, allowing you to launch or expand a new glamping business and attract guests with ease.

Speaker: Sarah Riley, CEO, The Glamping Academy

Worldwide Travel Trends in Glamping Hospitality

1:30 pm – 2:30 pm

It’s a “No Rainer.” Keep Yourself Protected from a Legal Storm

Join leading hospitality attorney, Christine Taylor as she navigates through the most common legal issues that outdoor hospitality owners and operators face, and they can cause long-term problems if not properly handled. From the fundamentals of waivers and releases to the intricacies of handling employees and unruly guests, find out the best ways to handle the inevitable.

Speaker: Christine Taylor, Partner, The Towne Law Firm

It’s a “No Rainer.” Keep Yourself Protected from a Legal Storm

3:30 pm – 4:30 pm

From Campsites to Glamping: Creating a Seamless Guest Experience with Mixed-Unit and Glamping Accommodations

Hear from an operator with firsthand experience the benefits of integrating mix-usage (campgrounds and RV parks) and glamping amenities to create a unique and elevated guest experience.

Among the topics to be discussed are how to thoughtfully and seamlessly integrate glamping’s elements into your property's existing structures; key considerations such as zoning regulations, site selection, guest preferences and financials. By combining traditional lodging options with glamping amenities, property owners can maximize their potential revenue streams and attract a wider range of guests seeking unique and memorable experiences.

If you’re a campground or RV park owner thinking of adding glamping accommodations, you’ll want to hear this company’s story on how they successfully married glamping with their campground and RV park business.

Speaker: Josh Bell, VP Operations and Finance, Kampgrounds Enterprises, Inc.

From Campsites to Glamping: Creating a Seamless Guest Experience with Mixed-Unit and Glamping Accommodations

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

9:00 am – 10:00 am

Behind The Scenes of Building a Brand

It starts with an idea. Then it grows into excitement (maybe a bit of an obsession) and into something that you know can operationally work. But how much time have you spent on the name and what does it mean? Telling the story of your brand starts with building its identity. In this session, learn why KOA chose to create a new brand, how Terramor was created and what it means to customers today.

Take aways from this session includes how to ensure naming is available and legal, how to create brand messaging and how to refine it, and how to ensure a full brand experience, from pre-trip to post-stay.

Speaker: Whitney Scott, VP of Corporate Strategy, KOA

Behind The Scenes of Building a Brand

11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Math That Works. Amenities = Rate + Occupancy

Resort amenities enhance the experience and enjoyment of the guests. They are often at least 10% of your construction budget. Learn which amenities fit which market(s), amenities with big bangs and little bucks, and how to plan for the right amenities for your target market.

Speaker: Kathleen Walsh, President, Advanced Outdoor Solutions

Math That Works. Amenities = Rate + Occupancy

1:30 pm – 2:30 pm

Is Your Glamping Resort ADA Compliant?

This session guides you through some of the complexities of The Americans with Disabilities Act. What are the best practices for service dogs? Can you be sued if you don’t have a pool lift or an accessible website? Would your staff know how to handle an invisible disability? Learn the principles of the Title III Regulations of the Americans with Disabilities Act regarding policies and procedures, and how they apply to your glamping resort. Join us as we share pictures, stories and tools that will help your Glamping resort be welcoming to people with disabilities and work towards ADA compliance.

Speaker: Irene Jones, Program Manager, ARM, Marshall & Sterling

Is Your Glamping Resort ADA Compliant?

3:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Strategic Pricing: How to Maximize Occupancy and Profit

Learn how to set the right price for your property using variable and dynamic pricing principles to account for occupancy, seasonality, and your competition. Identify your peak and shoulder seasons, when to use minimum nights, lock fees, sliding rates, specials and packages, gift certificates, and more. In addition, the session will discuss multiple revenue management strategies to strike a balance in both occupancy and profitability.

Speaker: Nathan Mayfield, Vice President, ResNexus

How to Increase Online Bookings

Conference Attendee Comes Away with Action Plan

Carlos acknowledges that, after attending the glamping sessions, he realized that there was a lot that he and his partners hadn't thought about in their quest to create a beautiful Grand Canyon-adjacent glamping opportunity. Now, they not only have a plan, they have experts to help them.


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