Join Us at the Only Trade Event Dedicated
to the Glamping Industry in the Americas

From structures to furnishing to business services and much more, this is the go-to event for anyone looking for products and information to support or start their outdoor hospitality business.

Onsite Glamping

FIRST-EVER Glamping Study

Tapping into the insights of your peers, the Glamping Show Americas 2023 State of the Industry Study captures the present glamping business landscape and offers a peek into the future.

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Expert-Led Conference

This is where you learn from the best how to launch or evolve your glamping enterprise. Pros from every corner of the industry share their hard-earned expertise to ensure your success.

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Indoor/Outdoor Expo

Indoor/Outdoor Expo

Inspirational and aspirational, the wealth of glamping structures, products and services on display at the Expo will ignite your imagination and shape your vision for your own outdoor hospitality business.

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Investment Connection

Fund Your Glamping Biz

There are a multiude of ways for glampsite operators to access capital to fund projects. A panel of experts will go over the pros and cons of each so you can see what works for you.

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Glamping Business Basics

Glamping Business Basics

Ready to capitalize on this burgeoning glamping industry? This pre-show workshop has all-new content to teach you what you need to know to hit the glampground running.

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Networking Opportunities

This event is fertile ground for information gathering, brainstorming and deal making. Your fellow attendees face the same business challenges as you and are key to helping you find solutions.

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Glamping Research Examines Business Trends

2023 State of the Industry Report

Want to know more about the business of glamping?

Our first State of the Industry Report creates a snapshot of what is currently happening in the market and what the future looks like for glamping businesses, according to your peers.

Data gathered from current and prospective operators as well as suppliers give a glimpse at current and projected expenses, operational plans as well as challenges.

See where your business compares with others or gain some insight for your business strategy.

Glamping is now solidly placed in the habits and mindsets of leisure travelers, allowing guests who want more comforts to still experience the outdoors.

Glamping State of the Industry

A Look Back at Glamping Show Americas

Glamping operators get the knowledge they need

Glamping business professionals came from the four corners of the world for this outstanding event. Between an info-packed conference and a marketplace that dwarfed that of previous shows, the feedback was effusive. We are already making good on our plan to make the next event even better. For starters, you can look forward to more exhibits, new workshops and a chance to actually glamp onsite. Join us for all the fun!

Discover Resources to Build Your Glamping Business Interests

Get the Glamping 411

Our unique conference series is led by glamping industry experts who have already faced every obstacle you could encounter and are ready to impart their wisdom and know-how. Learn how to improve guest experience, more effectively market your glamping enterprise, develop your land and so much more.

We've been to the show every year since the beginning! We tell everyone we know who is in the market that your show is the one to go to!!
Yvette Strange, Spoon Mountain Glamping


Engage with Your Peers

This is THE ONLY U.S. event for glamping professionals and attracts operators from across the globe. It's the perfect opportunity for you to meet others on their glamping journey, pick their brains and have meaningful conversations that could forge the future of your glamping endeavors.

"I was reminded (through the sheer energy of those around me) that glamping is ultimately about hospitality. Welcoming the stranger and giving an opportunity for the stranger to become the best version of themselves through nature, conversation, and cultural exchange."
David O'Connor, JaamRek

Glamping Expert

Finding Glamping Vendors

Experience the Expo

Whether you are a seasoned glamping pro or the new kid on the block, the indoor/outdoor Expo is Wonderland. Picture swanky canvas tents, furnished wagons, cool new structures, creative amenities, new tech and a ton of other gems to help you take your glamping biz to the next level.

“This was a great show and the first US Glamping Show I attended and I’m glad I did. I learned a lot from being able to interact with the glamping tent/yurt/cabin vendors and from being able to touch, feel and experience their glamping options.”
Quentin Incao, Q Hospitality Management & Caraventure


Explore Funding Options

You have a great idea or an existing glamping project that you just know will catapult your business if only you had the backing. Now what? At the Funding Your Glamping Business pre-show workshop, a panel of industry experts will discuss the many ways available for glamping businesses to access capital for their projects, including traditional debt sources, equity, seed funding, equipment financing, and more. This is your front-row seat to understanding how to make the funding magic happen!

"This is a must-go-to event for anyone looking to raise capital or invest in the glamping space or in need of resources and inspiration."
Ruben Martinez, American Glamping Association

Finding Glamping Vendors

Finding Glamping Vendors

Glamping Business 101

Come early to this pre-show workshop and learn exactly what you will need to morph your great idea into a great glamping business. As this industry continues to expand, a half day of instruction from the American Glamping Association experts will put you on the track to glamping success.

"I've been wanting to start a glamping business for years, and this conference was the jump start I needed to get some direction and start taking action."
Megan Del Debbio, Nomad Rentals & Retreats


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