3 Truths About Successfully Starting A Glamping Business

By Sarah Riley

If you are dreaming of one day owning a luxury camping or glamping business, have you ever wondered why one owner is successful while another one fails?

I work with glamping business owners all over the world and notice that while some make it, others don't. It wasn't long before I started to notice a pattern.

New business owners often suffer from a lack of confidence, especially when starting something new in a completely different industry. But it's this lack of self-belief that can lead to procrastination and becomes the biggest barrier to success.

Here are some accelerators that greatly increase the chances of success in starting a glamping business. How many of these belief-based accelerators do you have?

#1 Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Feedback… And Act On It!

Getting the perspective of others is essential when developing a new business. You might have great ideas, but if no one else thinks they are great then you might be heading for a business flop.

The only thing worse than not asking for feedback is asking for opinions, but not acting on them. Believe me when I say that fortunes can be lost by ignoring constructive criticism, so listen with an open mind, remove your emotions from the situation and consider things from a different perspective.

#2 Have the Confidence to Take Calculated Risks

The most successful glamping business owners I have worked with are dedicated innovators who are not afraid to take a few risks while setting up their projects. However, any action taken is always based on robust research, good knowledge and sound advice. All of this they invest in eagerly as they know it will open doors, remove obstacles, boost confidence and allow them to surge ahead while others are left in their dust.

#3 Know How to Work Hard to Get What You Want

If you are like the glamping hosts I have worked with, then you will constantly be thinking, talking and dreaming about your business. You are passionate about it and not afraid to work hard. This is a good thing as being consumed by it will keep you fired up and motivated throughout the rollercoaster ride you are on.

I often remind people that starting a new business is very much like a game of soccer. Sometimes you will score a goal and be celebrating, while other times you'll be flat on your face in the mud. In fact, those ups and downs are what make it interesting and if you are honest with yourself you'll realize you wouldn't want it any other way.

Are you up for the challenge?

Sarah Riley is the Founder of Inspired Camping and Inspired Courses. She is a glamping business specialist who started her consultancy and Industry Networking Group after many years running a boutique hospitality business in the UK. She now shares techniques to help others set up their unique vacation rentals, increase their bookings and gain a more fulfilling life. You can chat with Sarah on Twitter  Facebook  Instagram and Pinterest

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